Season 4: 2006 - 2007Edit

# Title Airdate Prod. #
79 "The Dream Teens" April 3, 2006 401

Terence is back and he calls in Tim Scam, Helga Von Gugen, Boogie Gus, and Myrna Beesbottom to create the 'League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies' or the LAMOS. Also Myrna creates triplet male androids Skyler, Tyler, and Wyler that can drain the girls' energy to destroy them, Jerry, and WOOHP. In the b-story, Clover and Mandy compete to be the best photogenic. Villain: Myrna Beesbottom (L.A.M.O.S).

80 "Future shock!" April 4, 2006 402

During a cheer leading practice, Mandy breaks a nail and has to work as a TV reporter to kill time for her nail to grow back. Meanwhile, during a clean-up of Jerry's office, the spies discover a gadget that's actually a time-machine which accidentally sends them twenty years into the future. While there, they soon uncover the horrifying truth that Mandy rules Beverly Hills and she plans to 'Mandify' everyone! Teaming up with their future selves, the girls must stop her and stop it from ever happening. The spies arrive to Future WOOHP and return to present by the time machine. In the end, the spies put the recreate nails in Clover's school wardrobe. Mandy sneaks in and takes the recreate nails. She's got normal nails again and decides to quit from work of TV Reporter. In the b-story, Mandy is upset because what she will do with her broken nails.

Villain: Mandy. Note: This episode indicates that the timeline for season 4 occurs in 2005 because they say that when it's 2025, it's 20 years into the future.

81 "I Hate The Eighties" April 5, 2006 403

Boogie Gus invents a gun ray that can not only make people look like from the '80s but also makes them younger! In the b-story, Jerry is having a date with his friend from the band. Villain: Boogie Gus (L.A.M.O.S.).

82 "The O.P." April 6, 2006 404

The girls uncover a secret conspiracy of parents brainwashing their children into becoming model teenagers. And things get a lot worse when Alex falls directly into the trap, leading Sam and Clover on a mission to save her! In the b-story, Jerry gives the girls a car called NPU 3000. Villain: The parents of the brainwashed children. It could be said that this episode is clearly based on the Tv Movie called Perfect Little Angels, from 1998.

83 "Alex Gets Schooled" April 7, 2006 405

Alex is sent to Dorsal Academy in England after getting all Fs in her report card when it was inadvertently switched with Mandy's report card, only to find out that the principal plans to turns everyone into dolphins! After Sam and Clover have rescued Alex, it's revealed that Alex's grades were really As and Bs and the person who got all Fs was Mandy! In the b-story, Jerry moves to the spies' house when the bugs attacked his house. Villain: Principal Sharminston.

84 "Mime Your Own Business" April 10, 2006 406

A mime plans to turn everyone into silent mimes with his accordion after a failed performance in order to get revenge, another way to stop Alex from telling Sam & Clover's secrets! In the b-story, Sam and Clover are mad because Alex tells their secrets. Villain: Jazz Hands.

85 "Attack Of The 50 Foot Mandy" April 11, 2006 407

It's that magical time of year again – time to crown the new Miss Beverly Hills. Among this year’s hopeful contestants are Mandy and Clover. In order to get that extra winning edge, both Mandy and Clover unwittingly decide to get a special full-body makeover that promises to make their hair, smiles, eyes and even their attitudes bigger. But as they are getting their treatment, a shadowy figure sneaks into the spa and puts a microchip into Mandy’s machine. At first, Mandy is pleased with the results of her treatment which seems to have worked better than Clover's. She does not realize it at first, but as she gets larger and larger, she cannot deny what's happening to her. As the spies start to investigate a rash of disappearances among Miss Beverly Hills contestants, they find out that Mandy, who has now grown nearly fifty feet tall, is behind the crimes! They also discover that along with becoming bigger physically, Mandy's meanness has also become magnified--and in an effort to win the competition, she decided to take out the other contestants. It's revealed the shadowy figure is Smalls! The spies save the contestants and Mandy attacks the spies. Smalls arrives and turns Clover into a giantess. As Clover and Mandy are fighting, Sam and Alex defeat Smalls and return Clover and Mandy to their normal size. In a b-story, Clover tries out an entire litany of ridiculous talents to find something she's good at so she can win the talent portion of the Miss Beverly Hills competition. Villain: Diminutive Smalls and Mandy.

86 "Evil Jerry" April 12, 2006 408
Tim Scam sends Jerry his favorite chocolate containing Terence's DNA to turn him evil! It's up to spies to save the day. At the end of episode Helga Von Guggen, Tim Scam, and Myrna Beesbottom were arrested. In the b-story, Mandy and her cronies create the spy club. Villains: Terence Lewis, Tim Scam, Helga Von Guggen, Myrna Beesbottom and Boogie Gus (L.A.M.O.S.).
87 "0067" April 13, 2006 409

Jerry is invited to work for a spy film. But what he does not know is the director is Lumière in disguise and he plans to take revenge on all the other producers for refusing his film! In the b-story, while Jerry is absent, the spies must rule WOOHP. Villain: Marco Lumière.

88 "Arnold The Great" April 14, 2006 410

Following a humiliation in the lunchroom, Arnold is left depressed. That night, as they watch someone breaking into an armoured van, Arnold dressed as a superhero appears, and attempts to capture the man. The van seals, and drives off a cliff. Sam, Clover, and Alex save Arnold beforehand, and make him swear to keep their identities secret. Geraldine Husk appears after the spies leave, and gives Arnold a utility belt. The next day, Arnold's superhero alter ego has been reported saving people, but the device is secretly brainwashing Arnold to destroy the spies. In a b story, Alex finds a stray puppy, and looks after him, as she attempts to find the owner. Villain: Geraldine Husk.

89 "Mani-Maniac Much?" April 17, 2006 411

A former famous manicurist has plotted revenge on a salon for stealing his customers by using his former customers as minions. And things go from bad to worse for the spies when Clover ends up becoming one of his minions, leaving only Sam and Alex to stop the powerful army from destroying their favourite salon. In the b-story, Clover goes into a pageant for being a Miss Mega Mania. Villain: Manny Wong.

90 "Déjà Cruise" April 18, 2006 412

Jerry sends the spies off for a holiday on the WOOHPtanic, but then they realize that time is repeating. Sam was reading a book and every time the same man sit next to her, Alex's hair cut was always gone in the morning and Clover was rejected from the man at the pool. At the end they found out that it was a test. In the b-story, the girls are upset for cleaning their spy outfits after their last mission. Villain: Col. Nathaniel Nash (Jerry Lewis). Note: This episode could be a possible remake of "The Getaway". Both episodes showcase an event in which Jerry gives Sam, Clover and Alex a vacation that turns out to be a test set up by him and other WOOHP agents.

91 "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe" April 19, 2006 413

When men start dropping into a dazed sleep, the spies are sent to investigate. They find out that a sexist named Violet Vanderfleet has used an unknown hybrid of poisonous flowers called the Viola Vanderfleetus to destroy the male half of civilization due to her own failed relationships. In the b-story, Sam falls for Clover's ex-boyfriend. Villain: Violet Vanderfleet.

92 "Evil Heiress Much?" April 20, 2006 414

The three richest people in the world disappear and the girls are sent to protect the fifth richest person, the materialistic and conceited heiress Milan Stilton (a parody of Paris Hilton). She imprisons them when they realize that she is the abductor herself. In the b-story, Sam is jealous because of the stars. Villain: Milan Stilton.

93 "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" April 21, 2006 415

Candy Sweet (from season 1 "Black Widows") returns with her brand new DVD that teaches moves to all the cheerleaders but also hypnotizes them to break her out of prison! After seeing a preview, Clover unwillingly becomes a brainwashed cheerleader. In a b-story, Clover and Mandy compete for Head Cheerleader. Villain: Candy Sweet.

94 "Evil Ice Cream Man Much?" May 5, 2006 416

An evil ice cream man makes a special ice cream that contains liquid nitrogen and can freeze anyone or anything it touches. In the b-story, Alex gets the date bad luck. Villain: The Ice Cream Man.

95 "Beauty Is Skin Deep" June 26, 2006 417/127

A former beauty queen creates beauty products that give the wearer any emotion they chose; the only problem is that they're not the ones chosing the emotion! Sam and Alex suffer the ill-effects as well, causing Alex to have a pouty expression, and sad voice to boot, while Sam can't stop smiling and sounding cheery. It's up to Clover to save the day! In the b-story, Clover turns herself into ugly girl when she thinks she was rejected by a boy. Then at the end she realizes that he already has a girlfriend. Villain: Miss Vanity.

96-97 "Like, So Totally Not Spies" March 10, 2007 and March 17, 2007 418-419

As they are at the fair, the spies are given three bracelets from an awful woman. Unfortunately, the woman who gives away the bracelets is none other than Helga Von Guggen, wearing an awful disguise. Worse still, the spies never recognized her, and she managed to lure them into her trap. As soon as they put the bracelets on their wrists, the spies suddenly pass out. When they wake up at long last, they forget everything about being spies at WHOOP, believing they are ordinary girls. Jerry goes into a fashion store, only to be captured by L.A.M.O.S., and trapped in their submarine. He hears about their evil plan, and tries to warn the girls. At school, they hear what Jerry has to say to them. Unfortunately, they don't believe in him, and they put the communicator in the trash can. Later, the girls go to a sushi bar, only to be attacked by Terence, Helga and Boogie Gus. Luckily they escape, and they actually want to talk to Jerry to find out what's going on. The girls manage to recover the communicator and speak with Jerry. He says to them the bracelets on their wrists brainwashed their memory of being spies. The girls can't take off the bracelets. They go to help Jerry, but are also captured by L.A.M.O.S., while Terence plans to give every WOOHP agent a bracelet to make them forget about everything at WOOHP and leave so he can take over WOOHP. The water breaks the bracelets apart, and the spies' memory of being spies comes back again. At long last, Jerry and the spies defeat L.A.M.O.S. and save W.O.O.H.P. In the end, Jerry sends the spies to shopping and the spies say they love the spy job. In a b-story, the spies want to be very cool in fashion than Mandy and G.L.A.D.I.S pretends to be the head of WOOHP. Villains: L.A.M.O.S. (Terence Lewis, Boogie Gus, and Helga Von Guggen).

98 "The Suavest Spy" March 31, 2007 420

A blond-haired jewel thief is about to plan a big jewelry heist on the special night Venus aligns with other planets, including Earth. The girls unfortunately fall for his dashing good looks, but realize after failing to catch him many times that they must put his handsomeness behind them and beat him at his own game. In the b-story, Sam won first place in the science-fair and now most of the nerds in Beverly High are chasing after her, demanding she sign t-shirts that have her face on them. Villain: Kyle Katz.

99 "Spy Soccer" 421

The Bev Hills soccer team coach has retired and is replaced with a new one who has a ball that contains a mind-control chip to create the perfect soccer team. Alex is caught up in the game, turning into a ruthless and crazy player with a flare for destruction and aggression. It's up to Sam and Clover to save Alex. In the b-story, Jerry becomes hooked on video games. Villain: Bonita Bikham.

100 "Spies on the Farm" 422

The spies are sent undercover as farm workers to uncover a demented farmer's plot to turn humans into vegetable-like beings. It's up to the spies to save the day. In the b-story, Alex and Sam think Clover can't get down and dirty, so Clover decides to do exactly the opposite. Villain: Farmer John, the Vegan Farmer.

101 "Spies in Space" 423

The spies are sent to the moon to rescue a band. It is revealed the blame is the leader of band called Ziggy and he is beaten by the spies. In the b-story, because of her outstandingly brilliant grades, Sam must graduate. Villain: Ziggy.

102-104 "Totally Busted" 424-426

The spies arrive at an inventor's lab stealing a special "spy gene formula." On their way back to WOOHP, they drop the vial called SUDS, accidentally spilling it into Mandy's pool where she, Caitlin and Dominique are swimming, making them into spy-assassins or exterminators. Meanwhile, after returning to Beverly Hills and sent to WOOHP with the spies, the spies' mothers discover that their daughters are spies, shutting down their spy careers. Jerry tells the spies they got the spy gene and the spies and Jerry say goodbye. Mandy and her cronies attempt to attack the spies, but they manage to escape. Later that night, the spies sneak to Mandy's house and find the SUDS, now half-empty. The spies overhear Mandy and her cronies saying soon it's time for retaliation. After being caught by their mothers and forced to return, Sam analyzes the SUDS and finds out all. In retaliation, Mandy and her cronies kidnap their mothers. The spies discover Mandy and her cronies took their mothers to Mandy's chalet at Sugarflake. After sending Jerry a letter, the spies arrive at Sugar flake and save their mothers. Later they fight with Mandy and her cronies. When Jerry arrives to help, the chopper creates an avalanche that covers the spies, Mandy and her cronies. Suddenly, the spies, Mandy and her cronies are alive. Mandy and her cronies finally kidnap the spies and take them to GROOVE. Mandy and her cronies discover all and turn the spies into spy-assassins. Jerry and the spies' mothers find out the spies are alive and Jerry trains the spies' mothers to become spies. After the training, G.L.A.D.I.S tells Jerry and the spies' mothers Sam sent a distress call from her mother's cell phone (Sam's mother dropped the cell phone when she was kidnapped with Clover's and Alex's mothers). Jerry and the spies' mothers arrive at GROOVE and rescue the spies from being spy-assassins when Mandy and her cronies release the inventor from prison. The spies and spies' mothers save the world from SUDS, and Mandy and her cronies return to normal. In the end, the spies are reunited with their villa and spy job. The spies promise their mothers they will tell them everything. The spies' mothers decide to leave, but Jerry arrives and makes them into official spies. The spies find a it good time to punish their mothers by making them stay at their villa for a week. In the b-story, the spies like their spy job. Villain(s): Inventor, Mandy, Catlin and Dominique.