Season 2: 2003 - 2004Edit

# Title Airdate Prod. #
27 "Starstruck" August 8, 2003 215

When a famous TV star goes missing, the spies beg Jerry to let them carry on the investigations. A seemingly insane old woman named Lenore mistakes the TV show for reality and plans on murdering Sinestro, the villain on the show, and Clover, who played Sinestro's daughter, Gwendolyn, as a disguise. Moreover, Lenore intends to marry the TV show hero. In the b-story, Clover endeavors to be become a movie star. Villain: Lenore.

28 "I Want My Mummy" August 13, 2003 201

An archaeologist fakes his disappearance, then plots to use ancient magic to give himself eternal life and power. The spies, with the help of the professor's assistant, must stop him. In the b-story, Clover wears Mandy's ring on a mission. Villain: Professor Elliot.

29 "Evil Hair Salon" August 14, 2003 203

Redheads start vanishing worldwide after visiting the new Cutting Edge Hair Salons. Given that she has ginger hair, Sam infers she would be the ideal choice to investigate but it seems that whoever masterminded the abductions has made their quota. Nonetheless, the shop owner's assistants are still short of blonds and cherry-pick Clover as their next abductee. When Sam and Alex realize that danger is brewing, they try to track her down and rescue her before “The Harvest” begins. In the b-story, the girls decide to organize a surprise birthday party for Jerry. Villain: Felicia Mann.

30 "The Yuck Factor" August 15, 2003 204

Noting that their boss is acting strangely, the spies discover that an evil scientist named Dr. V has taken over Jerry's brain. They end up being shrunk to micro-size and put into Jerry in a micro-sub, as in the film Fantastic Voyage. In the b-story, Alex tries to get away from the frog dissection. Villain: Dr. V.

31 "It's How You Play the Game" August 18, 2003 205

Zanzibar is winning every event in the Winter Olympics despite the fact they are not even training. The spies go undercover at the games to find out if the team's coach has developed a new and undetectable method of cheating but find themselves in hot water. Or rather cold water as Sam and Alex face drowning in an icy lake while Clover undergoes another bizarre physical transformation. In the b-story, the girls fall for David. Villain: Coach.

32 "Here Comes the Sun" August 19, 2003 206

Sudden spikes in global warming and ozone holes start occurring at the same time that a new suntan lotion labeled “Sun Block SPF 10,000” goes on sale. Just a coincidence or a somewhat apocalyptic marketing plan? The girls try to find the culprit fast since the earth is getting hotter and hotter by the minute. In the b-story, Clover endeavors to persuade David into selecting her as a model for his painting. Villain: Sunny Day.

33 "Green with N.V." August 20, 2003 207

The girls are entangled with a mission when they learn a new cologne is causing men to go in search of their "true love", perfume designer Natalie Valentine. And unfortunately, even Jerry is under its effects! The spies go undercover as men and figure out how NV makes her perfume. In the b-story, the girls are bickering over who will invite David for the dance. Villain: Natalie Valentine.

34 "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands" August 21, 2003 208

The Spies investigate the hottest new pop band, Teensicle, when several band members begin to mysteriously disappear. When the band members resurface seemingly safe and sound, the spies detect strange changes in their personalities. It turns out a group of washed up pop stars named Boy Candy are stealing the current pop stars' faces in order to revive the has-beens' careers. Also when Alex makes a snide remark about the band's mother they swap her face for the ginger haired smoking woman while she gets Alex's face. In a b-story, Alex wrestles with the dilemma of whether or not to get a tattoo so that she will be perceived as cool. Villain: Boy Candy. (Special Note: T-Bone of Boy Candy reappears in Season 5 episode "Evil Hotel", once again a famous celebrity)

35 "I, Dude" August 22, 2003 209

Frankie Dude, an ex-surfer who hit his toe on the pier of a beach-turned-resort gets revenge by destroying the resorts in the formerly gnarliest surfing spots using tsunamis. In the b-story, Sam goes on a hunger strike with David. Villain: Frankie Dude.

36 "Mommies Dearest" August 25, 2003 210

Looking for Mother's Day gifts for their mothers, Clover, Sam and Alex find a flier about a special offer at a spa. But after they get there they notice that their moms are not behaving normally. They find out that their arch nemesis Tim Scam has escaped from prison and has turned their mothers into cold-blooded assassins. In the b-story, Jerry spends Mother's Day at his mom's house. Villain: Tim Scam.

37 "Zooney World" August 26, 2003 211

Clover's cousin is an avid fan of "Zooney", a television show which has become a favorite with children. But meanwhile, children all over America have been reported missing. Jerry sends Sam, Alex and Clover to track them down, but before they can launch into their mission, Sam and Alex need to come to Clover's aid, as she has been grounded by her mother Stella for disobedience. The situation reaches an impasse when Stella remains adamantly opposed to changing her mind. In the b-story, Clover faces a period of emotional turmoil when Stella orders her to take care of her puerile and objectionable cousin, Norman, to whose mischief Stella constantly turns a blind eye. Villain: Jason Hightower. Note: Even though the hologram projecting mood ring is formally introduced in this episode, it appeared in previous episodes of the series.

38 "First Brat" September 24, 2003 212
With Jerry off fishing with the President in hopes of wangling a White House appointment, the girls are formally enlisted to keep an eye on the President's 11-year-old daughter Madison. Yet their new sinecure soon turns out to be an onerous ordeal, as years of putting up with being surrounded by the media and the secret service have exerted malign influence on the young girl. Typically the obnoxious miscreant, Madison dissembles her abrasive manners when her father is around, so that she has never been rebuked for her misdemeanors. When she transgresses the limits, however, the girls resort to keeping their distance, not knowing that their absence enables a giant robot spider to sneak into Madison's bedroom. When it has dawned on the spies that she has been kidnapped, they find an electronic message left by the disguised abductor who requires the delivery of an insane scientist in exchange for Madison's release. As the onus for the girl's safety has been shifted onto them, Sam, Clover and Alex resolve to tackle her rescue on their own. After they have liberated Madison, she atones for her exceptionable antics and apologizes for impugning the spies' prowess. In the b-story, the President offers Jerry a job at the White House. Villain: Mrs. Quivers.
39 "W.O.W." April 19, 2004 213

Seemingly ordinary women across America keep going berserk and attacking men and unaffected women. All of the berserkers turn out to be descendants of an ancient guild of warrior women who intended to wipe out all men and inferior women. They failed but someone's reviving the idea using their descendants and Sam's one of them! In the b-story, Clover decides to be a club member of a secret society but is unaware the club is ruled by Mandy. Villain: Ariel.

40 "Stark Raving Mad" April 20, 2004 214

Sebastian escapes from prison and he plans to use his music to hypnotize peoples to crush the spies' favorite places. When the girls discover that Sebastian is the villain behind this, he hypnotizes the girls to help with crushing Beverly High School. Luckily, Jerry rescues the girls and then they stop Sebastian by crushing his music signal which was hidden in the school's sign. In the b-story, Alex gets bad luck after crashing her mirror. Villain: Sebastian Saga.

41 "S.P.I." April 21, 2004 216

A new spy agency has been founded, and is taking all the load off WOOHP. Super Protection International (S.P.I.) becomes most popular, and makes the WOOHP run out of business. But Sam does not feel like abandoning that easily, and investigates inside S.P.I. But then she gets captured by the S.P.I. agents themselves. Can Clover and Alex save her and stop S.P.I. before it's too late? In the b-story, Alex and Clover try to have a job at the Chic Boutique. Villain: Geraldine Husk.

42 "Animal World" April 22, 2004 217

Animals start developing human intelligence while humans regress into a state of animalistic retardation. The spies ponder over how to thwart the scheme hatched by an insane scientist who is swapping personality traits. Clover falls prey to his demoniac undertaking as well and becomes part beagle, so that she needs to be kept away from fire hydrants. In the b-story, Clover is in a quandary about whether to attend the WOOHP company picnic or to rendezvous with her classmate David instead. Villain: Dr. Fox (Sherman).

43 "Nature Nightmare" April 23, 2004 218

The Spies go camping in a remote Saskatchewan Forest to investigate the garbled but alarming message from a TV news crew who vanished while looking into reports of loggers, farmers and hikers disappearing in the area. In the b-story, Clover tries to show David she's extreme or she'll tell him she's a spy. Villain: Lasputin Zero.

44 "Alex Quits" April 26, 2004 219

When Alex screws up on several WOOHP missions, she begins to seriously doubt her spying abilities. Then, when Jerry introduces the girls to Britney - a pretty, smart, sweet, spy-in-training who's been assigned to help them on their next mission - Alex only feels worse. In fact, she thinks she’s on the verge of being replaced. When she screws up again and lets a villain (who's invented a device that literally slows people down) escape, she decides to quit WOOHP altogether. In a b-story, Alex does an extra credit project for science class (about molecules) that helps her stop the bad guy, save her girlfriends and gain her confidence back. Villain: Willard.

45 "Totally Switched" April 27, 2004 220

Well-known people in England have been making headlines after completing changing their personalities and interests. The girls investigate, but Sam and Alex mysteriously vanish. Clover calls Jerry for help, and the two figure out that the personalities of each pair of people affected have been traded. However, things get even worse when Clover and Jerry's personalities are swapped — on the same night that Clover is going to guest star as a veejay and Jerry is going to be knighted! In the b-story, Clover and Jerry prepare to be a veejay and knighted. Villain: Dr. Gray.

46 "Ski Trip" April 28, 2004 221

While they were looking forward to a fun weekend away from WOOHP, the school ski trip morphs into a disaster when Sam, Clover and Alex find themselves doubling up with Mandy. Furthermore, one of their old enemies has escaped from prison and is meditating revenge, which not only puts them in a highly dangerous situation, but also obliges them to capture Dr. Gelee without tipping off any of their classmates that anything untoward is happening. In the b-story, Clover and Mandy compete for a snowboarder guy named Todd. Villain: Dr. Gelee (deceased).

47 "The Elevator" April 29, 2004 222

Clover has a hot date with a football player, and manages to drag Sam and Alex along to go with tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumber. When the girls are called away on a mission to explore a break-in to the office of secret information, the girls are lured into a trap when the guy escapes through the elevator shaft. Leaving the girls dangling at the 75th floor. With no gadgets and almost no way out, the girls prepare themselves for remembering the good old days at WOOHP & Jerry saves them & they start kissing him. In the b-story, Sam and Alex are jealous because they were forced to go with Clover on the triple date. Villain: Thief.

48 "Matchmaker" April 30, 2004 223

For absolutely no reason at all, all these dating booths appear out of nowhere and all the girls in Beverly Hills, Sam, Alex and Mandy included, are addicted to them and get very hunky boyfriends in the process. But Clover suspects something's wrong and decides to get to the bottom of it, even without Jerry's help. In the b-story, due to the fact that her last boyfriend turned out to be a monster-truck rally lover, Clover is having a break from dating, suggesting that she's on a dating hiatus. Villain: Eugene.

49 "Brain Drain" May 3, 2004 224

When Sam is on the Brain Busters Show, something mysterious happens! Sam suddenly forgets all the answers and she loses. Alex and Clover are suspicious that something is going on there other than a game show. Meanwhile, Jerry attempts to run tests on Sam, but she escapes. Alex and Clover find an intelligence-sucking device in the capsules. Sam runs into the Planet Sushi, where she finds Zack and soon is occupied with the food. Jerry finally finds Sam and drives her back to WOOHP when he is called by Alex and Clover. The news they give is the intelligence-sucking device and they have to sneak back to find more. Alex and Clover find some trouble, and discover that the girl who won against Sam is working with the game show host. Soon, it goes to a game of Brain Busters while Alex and Clover are trapped in a glass tank with barely any oxygen. They manage to escape, and attempt to stop them. In the b-story, Sam must tutor Zack. Villains: Wink and Margie.

50 "Fashion Faux Pas" May 4, 2004 225

Helga Von Guggen is back with her new line of clothing, Mystique. It apparently sucks the life out of anyone daring to wear them. In a b-story, Sam depends on Tyresius, the new mall psychic who's really a clown. Villain: Helga Von Guggen.

51 "Toying Around" May 5, 2004 226
A high-tech toy manufacturer uses military microchips to make his action figure toys more realistic. Unintentionally the toys start to think for themselves and are bent on world domination. In a b-story, Clover gets a new boy toy who caters to her every whim. Villain: The world-ruling toys. (Seth)
52 "A Spy is Born II" September 19, 2004 227

Leaving off after the first part of "A Spy Is Born", the director Lumiere has kidnapped Alex! Sam and Clover must follow his clues to find her, avoiding his traps along the way. In the b-story, Sam gets a secret admirer called A.J... only to discover it's really Arnold, the school nerd. Villain: Marco Lumière.